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Deaf Nest Project

Deaf Nest project aims to improve Deaf users’ personal experience, equality of access, choice and control over maternity care. Pregnancy and motherhood are major life events for all women, not least for Deaf women. Nevertheless, they need to be accepted and supported in their choice to become parents and to be cared for and treated like every other woman.


The money you donate to Deaf Nest will help make the world of difference to Deaf parents here on your doorstep in the UK. All contribution are welcome.

Want to do your bit but not sure where to start? Your time is 

one of the most 

valuable gifts you cangive.There are 

different ways for you 

to get  involve. Your 

support will help 

transform the 

childbirth and 

pregnancy experience for Deaf parents.

A maternity services where every Deaf parent has full access to services, an excellent childbirth and pregnancy 

experience and the information to make informed choices.


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