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Parents have been left frightened by limited information, no communication provision and a general lack of understanding about the culture of Deaf people. 


In June 2013 the Deaf Nest Project in a partnership of the Deaf Health Champions and the Manchester Deaf Centre set up the consultation group for deaf parents to make sure that their voice is heard. This involved communicating and listening to deaf parents experience of pregnancy and childbirth and involving them to bring about change. 



Information was also gathered on local and national charities, drawing from websites, email correspondence and face-to-face meetings. There are few local charities across the country which offer support and practical help to deaf people. The author met with two national charities- the Sign Health and the Deaf Health Champions. Both these organisations have strong working relationship with the UK Council on Deafness and a history of collaborative working. While both of these organisations are working towards improving access to healthcare and information about health and wellbeing, there is lack of  information and services specific to pregnancy and childbirth. 

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