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I'm recently looking for an individuals, organisations and companies who would be happy to sponsor Deaf Nest project and help me in my attempts to improve maternity care for deaf parents. Deaf Nest Project is very cost effective and volunteer led. However, funding is needed or creating website; Deaf Nest logo, resource packs for midwives and deaf parents, leaflets, banners, and conference day. You could make a huge difference in improving maternity care provided to deaf parents. We are often taking access for granted.


It is sad to think that in 21st century there is still disadvantage group of people who don't have an access to basic information about their health, and their experience with health services is a traumatic one.


Want to do your bit but not sure where to start? Your time is one of the most valuable gifts you can give.There are different ways for you to get involve. Your support will help transform the childbirth and pregnancy experience for Deaf parents. The money you donate to Deaf Nest will help make the world of difference to Deaf parents here on your doorstep in the UK. All contribution are welcome.

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