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We need people who are friends and supporters of the Deaf Nest project, and who can be the face of the project their communities across the England.

Ambassadors are passionate volunteers and influential supporters, across a wide range of industries and regional areas that help forge fundraising relationships and raise awareness of deafness awareness. They use their professional skills to assist the project, create opportunities for the project to raise money or profile, represent the project in the media when asked and attend events and encourages others to do so.

Ambassadors will champion the cause and often challenge opinions and perspectives whilst demonstrating loyalty and commitment to the project’s vision and values.


Ambassadors do vital work for the Deaf Nest project, including:



  • Sharing information with friends, family or co-workers

  • Making introductions to contacts who may support the Deaf Nest project  

  • Inspiring others to sponsor the Deaf Nest project 

  • Participating in and promote campaigns throughout the year

  • Representing the Deaf Nest project at events

  • Positively promoting the Deaf Nest project through local and social media.



If this is you and you are looking for an exciting role within the voluntary sector, please see contact page for contact details. 

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